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セカンド·アルバム『20[twenty]』から約1年! FTISLANDが遂にメジャー3作目となるオリジナル·アルバム『RATED-FT』をリリース!

2013 Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour-The Final In Seoul

唱片公司:暂无 发行时间:2013-05-30

Big Bang’s Alive Galaxy Tour started in Seoul back in March 2012. Twelve countries, 24 cities and 48...


唱片公司:暂无 发行时间:2013-05-24

Queen Nancy in a league of disco ballad song "floats" This summer, Nancy disco music "float" to the ...

My Everything

唱片公司:暂无 发行时间:2013-05-22

Actor Lee Min-ho, conveys a special gift for fans around the world. First special album public life...


唱片公司:暂无 发行时间:2013-05-21

女王的回归,真正的李孝利回来了。《Monochrome》 May 2013, the end of the long space period of about 3 years back, our ...

Monstar O.S.T Part.1

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Organic Sound

唱片公司:暂无 发行时间:2013-05-15

Vibe regular house (ORGANIC SOUND) 'I want to meet once-ray release! The perfect combination of vin...

Big Bang

唱片公司:暂无 发行时间:2013-05-13

It was released in May, the latest dance music, cool breeze going tipped nose! Fresh and lively voic...

Re;Code Episode IV

唱片公司:暂无 发行时间:2013-05-10

Leader in the indie music charts powerhouse unit and ten centimeters craze, Orange Caramel fantastic...

金子,轻松出来吧 O.S.T Part.3

唱片公司:暂无 发行时间:2013-05-10


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