I Make Sparks

专辑:I Make Sparks

歌手:Novo Amor


I make sparks

In awesome ways

The dripping tap

Consuming my head

You took off

With little conflict in your way

And Im not good at winning fights anymore

Im just a needle in the hay

I emptied out

The contents of my case and stayed a while

The heavy load I bore I wait a while

And bare the swelling of my curse

But I gave ground

A bit of shove so you would see

I wont be biting at my tongue anymore

I could be catching up on sleep

I made a b-line up to the gate

Met with your eyes and it was appalling

We took a rest sitting on our feet

These are the memories I keep

We made the law but it shook the ground

Keeping it working was everything

That would keep it from all going down

And you’re set up

And I lie down

And you’re set up

And I lie down





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